we seem to have backed ourselves into a bad corner

Our gear supplier sent us 1 out of 2 sets of gears we need. They said both shipped on time, but we where informed AFTER that the other is on backorder…till when?..MARCH 8 at the EARLIEST!

Now that everything is designed around those gears we really dont want to redo all our water jetted parts.

Custom gear manufactures want anywhere between $300 to $1000 for the 2 gears…

Hoping you guys now of a supplier that stocks gears and shipps em fast! thanks! BTW, SDP-SI is the company that is on backorder:mad:

What sizes are you looking for along with pitch?


In order to help you find the gears you are looking for you will need to provide some information on the gears.

-Number of teeth
-Pressure Angle
-Any specific bore needs?

Hubless Spur
54 tooth
bore .375
face .25




I found about what you were looking for except you have to bore it out bigger on the lathe. I’m pretty sure all that matters is spacing between the gears. You may have to do some extra work with this gear.

Also can you please avoid the all caps title next time. Everyone has an emergency time to time, your answer won’t come any faster than it normally would.



Have you considered changing both gears in that reduction to something that gives you a similar ratio without changing the center to center distance? It might be easier to change two gears to a different pitch or number of teeth than to to re-do the water jetting.

Just a thought.

yes, that was what i was going to tell my kids tomorrow after some research. They will moan and gripe…but worst case i aint paying $150 for a gear lol

We actually bought a whole pinion rod in that size from sdp-si two weeks back, if we didn’t part it all off (we shouldn’t have), we may be able to fab some for you. Shoot me a pm with the sizes and bores you’d like, and I’ll check in the morning if we can amke it happen.

SDP is notorious for having stuff out of stock that takes weeks to get restocked.

It’s like they only keep 2 of each gear in stock at a given time or something…

Sounds to me like you need a Martin S2454 http://www.martinsprocket.com/2001/SecGa.pdf#G24

You’ll have to turn or mill the hub off if you really do need it hubless.

Try your local Motion Industries to order it. They usually get them in a couple days.

If you guys find a gear and need it machined we can do it for you up in Suwanee. Just let me know if you need anything.

thanks to all. SDPSI suddenly “got them in stock” and dosent know why we were told march 8th…nuclear war adverted

Somehow they still havnt gotten us our back ordered ones even though they shipped us new ones we ordered sepratly almost 2 weeks later… :confused: Thanks for the offers to help though, we appreciate it!