Emergency:Streamline help

I am trying to get to www.streamline.autodesk.com/first website as directed by first and i cannot get to this site. If someone could direct me as to what I might be able to do to resolve this problem please contact me asap.

Thank you for your help


I don’t know where you got that address. The address that worked for me was:


Username: (public)

Password: none required

Let me know if this works.

Ryan (Team 900)

Unfortunitely it doesnt seem to want let me in under the public login. The original site was the one they posted in the manuel for the awards. If you could let me know what i might have done wrong please dont hesitate.



Make sure that you type the username with the () so it is (public) and the password field should be left blank.

HAve you downloaded streamline from autodesk yet