Empty Field Picture

Hey guys
I’m doing a video where i want to do a special effect. For this effect, I need a picture of the 2011 field, but it has to be empty. Like no robots on it. Tubes are okay, but no robots. People in the back is just fine. I would prefer a perspective view, not really from an angle as that would complicate things for me. A top view as well would not work. Hope you guys can help me out. thanks

I’ll update this post if i find a real picture, but if you can’t, you could consider using the manual’s field picture:

I was thinking of using this picture before, but i ran into one problem…I want to rotate it so it is straight, not angled like it is, and i can’t get it to work. Any ideas

No idea there :o
If you have any CAD skills, you could CAD it. 1323 has made fields in the past, but they havent put up this years yet. You could PM someone and see if they have a file.
Currently im looking through team’s with well developed website’s for photos.

yea i don’t have any CAD skills. thanks for the help

PTC has the full field available here. It is only Pro/E format, though.

yea idk…i really appreciate the help. I’ll figure something out

If you give me a general idea of the type of view you want, I can render the CAD for you and post an image up.

I can render a field for you. I’ll be tied up for a couple of weeks so it will be a while before I can get to it. Attached is a render of just the end of the field to give you an idea of what it would look like.

I’m kind of tight on time, i need it for a school event in 3 weeks. The perspective i want would be like the image first posted above, just straightened out. Like if you were able to take that image, and just make it straight so the picture isn’t slanted. That’s all i really need

Ok, i am sooo close to getting you what you need. I found a 3ds Max file of the field. Its well done, and they supplied a photo, buts its in isometric view (not the view you need). the other problem, i dont have the program to open the file, rotate, and re upload. so, if someone that has 3ds Max, would you please help him out and give him a rotated picture.
Attached is a file

EDIT: Does a top view help?
EDIT EDIT: Nevermind, i read above you said a top view doesnt work
EDIT EDIT EDIT: Not 100% if this is a perspective view, but the blog called it one:

2011field.zip (136 KB)

2011field.zip (136 KB)

A top view is a good start. Not really what i need, but a start. If someone can PLEASE just rotate the file, and make it a jpeg or something, that would outstanding. Possibly take out the tubes in the middle if they want, though i could probably figure that out with cloning in gimp or something. Please someone help us out

What about the perspective posted above?

Look at the first image posted in this thread. That kind of perspective, just straightened out.

I found a completely gray CAD of the field. its pretty bland so idk if it’ll work. CD only allows 100 KB for bmp, so attached is a google photos link for the picture.
Hope this helps,


P.S. i can change the view and reupload if you need it.

FYI your link is bad.

I found a picture on Google.I hope this helps :smiley: !http://vthumb.ak.fbcdn.net/hvthumb-ak-snc4/158377_154414767943913_154413034610753_53546_1105_t.jpg
The only thing I am worried about is if the pixels will stretch. However, you can always fix that in Adobe Premier Pro, if you have it?

go to www.3dcontentcentral.com and look up FRC Field 2011. then you only need to change the colour of the parts and it would work… no skills required

Ah. Its hard to know (or at least more annoying) when its your own accounts picture if the link works.
Here is a google docs link to the .bmp download:

Except for the fact the file is all one part…

It says that i do not have permission to see the photo, but i’ll take a risk with it. Can you please change the view for me? Also, are you capable of at least adding the tape or some tubes to make it look at least legit? Something so it isn’t so bland? Thanks