emulationFIRST v0.02

I’ve just released emulationFIRST v0.02. The main features of this release include generous code cleanups, a rewrite of the pre-parser (ie, the stuff that happens before it gets to the real parser), and actual comments in the code (for those of you following along at home). As far as added features, GOTO’s actually work this time. Sorry about it before but it pretended like it was GOTO’ing right away when it actually wasn’t. There also is support for GOSUB and RETURN. There also is support for PUT and SET and scratchpad RAM. Finally, the BRANCH command has been added. Please test it out and give me whatever feedback you can. I’d actually like to know if people find it useful or not (or will if there is feature x; please specify what feature x is).

The new version can, as always, be found here: http://www.rit.edu/~msl8101/emulationFIRST/

In the next release I hope to have multiple program slots working (it requires a bit of a rewrite of some parts of the code as well as some investigation as to how Parallax likes to lay out variables in memory). I also hope to have a beginning of a GUI by the next release but don’t expect too much.



It segfaults when I run it in linux (and my dad says it performs an illegal operation in windows). It does it even on the default program.

I tried compiling it with GCC 2.96-110 and the binary as well, with the same results.

This is strange. It works perfectly for me in both Windows and Linux. That said, I know there are some memory issues and that could be the problem. Could you do me a favor and run it under gdb and tell me where it’s segfaulting (if it’s in malloc(), free(), or realloc(), then it’s a memory error).


Bug fixed. See here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14000