enable mdns on windows?

Every time we compile, it cannot connect with mDNS. From googling, windows does NOT support mDNS, so how do we get mDNS on our windows 7 machines?

Is there a way to stop eclipse from attempting mDNS? Its eating up time sitting there attempting something which windows does not support!

Please install the FRC 2017 Update Suite:

The update suite includes a mDNS responder.

if you have iTunes, it comes with apple’s bonjour service, which is another mDNS option for windows, but the 2017 update suite is a better choice IMO.

I did install the update suite! No mDNS, what is the service called? I assume it installs as a service on windows?
Can you point to documentation on this?


Description and troubleshooting:
For the 2020 season software documentation has been moved to https://docs.wpilib.org. Documentation for KOP items can still be found here. | FRC KOP Documentation

So is there something, other than firewall software, that would prevent the nimdnsresponder from working?

I have loaded a clean Windows 10 PC with the 2017 FRC Update software, completely disabled the firewall for all network profiles, disabled Windows defender, and still had issues. I verified the nimdnsresponder was started. I have tried disabling IPv6 on all interfaces and that didn’t help.

I re-enabled IPv6 to back to the normal configuration.

I installed iTunes (with Bonjour) and it started working.

I’d prefer not to install iTunes on a Driverstation if at all possible.

Any thoughts on what other steps I could take or that I might have missed? Any diagnostics I could run if I started the nimdnsresponder from the command line?

Thanks in advance,

Yesterday, I found that Apple has a product called “Bonjour Print Services for Windows v2.0.2” which includes the Apple mDNS Responder. This is a much lighter method (only ~5MB) to get Apple’s mDNS, rather than installing iTunes.


So after weeks of one-and-done wifi communications with our robot (we would have to either log-off/on desktop, or actually reboot the DS computer to restore communications), the DS/Roborio communications would restore automatically if robot power was cycled, or if we closed/re-opened the Driver Station software.