Enabling Camera on LabView Dashboard causes LabView Code on Rio to Crash

So, we’re using a ELP usb camera plugged into the roborio. I can plug the usb camera into my laptop and it works just fine. I can plug the USB camera into a limelight and get a side-by-side stream without an issue as well. However, when I plug it into the USB on the Rio, deploy a default robot project, and then enable the camera on the Dashboard, the Rio immediately crashes.

Has anyone seen something similar?

I received an ELP camera about a week ago and have seen exactly what you describe. I started looking into it and it seems like the fact that the camera also supports H264 is what is causing the issue.
I’ve installed the UVC utilities hoping to find a way to hide that video streaming capability, but the true fix seems to be to change IMAQdx for linux to tolerate this. I will post again if I find a way to reconfigure.

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OK. Sounds like in the mean time I should look into other options. Thanks Greg!!

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