Enabling problems

Hey guys. I have another problem. When I enable the robot with the 2020 driver station, the RoboRio says that it is enabled, but the Victor status lights remain blinking orange. When I looked at the victor spx guide, it says that blinking orange means that the robot is disabled, even though I enabled it.
Anyone have any suggestions?

Make sure the Victors are being instantiated in the code. If they aren’t, their status won’t change, even if it’s enabled.

They were

Source code? Language you are coding in? Controlling it via CAN or PWM?

Please supply more information so we can try and help you out!

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Does the CAN IDs on Phoenix Tuner match with the CAN IDs you have set on the code?

Like for example, does

VictorSPX talon = new VictorSPX(0);

have a CAN ID of 0 on Phoenix Tuner? Also, is it at the latest firmware version?

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Thanks, the victor ids were the problem. I had them set up as 00, 01… and the code as 0, 1,… I fixed that, and it works now. Thanks guys for the help!

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