Enabling the compressor on boot

We are a sophomore team and this is our first experience with pneumatics. If I understand things correctly, it’s common practice to pressure up the bot prior to starting the match. However, our compressor only comes on when the bot is enabled in auto or teleop. Isn’t that a little late to be building pressure? It seems to me that it should start the compressor on boot-up but I don’t know how to do this or if it’s even possible. Can anyone give us some advice on this?

Due to safety, nothing can be run unless the driver station is connected and set to enabled. Starting the compressor at boot isn’t possible. What teams typically do is hook up with a tether cable and enable the robot either in the pit or in the queue line, so that the tanks are full at the beginning of the match. After the match starts, then the compressor will run to replace any lost air.

That’s what we figured, but it’s nice to get confirmation.