Enble to display decimal valued coordinates for waypoints with PathWeaver

Hi !, I can’t display waypoints in decimal form with PathWeaver, please. Any advice, please?

Are these images both from the same computer? When do the waypoint properties go away? Is it both waypoints?

No, two different computers.

So you never see waypoint properties on the second computer? Does it still output paths correctly?

Anything special about the computer? Non windows OS?

Computer : windows 10

Can you upload your waypoint file?

I was just trying to display the values

We are trying to determine to what degree things are broken to better know where to look. If you export and everything looks fine this is likely a display bug. If your export is all corrupted too and it is probably something much bigger and we likely should just reinstall.

If you import a project with paths from another computer do the numbers show up then?

Hi @jdaming,

Thank you for the feedback. I will try to reinstall and let you know.
Best Regards

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