Enco December Specials

With the new season starting soon I bet there are a lot of teams stocking up on there machine shop supplies. I thought teams might want to know that Enco is running a special sale between now a this Friday for 10% off entire web orders. Also, if you spend $250 then UPS shipping is FREE through the end of the year. The promo code for the 10% off is HDS6C and the free shipping code is HPFS6. I buy a lot of stuff from Enco and they are usually pretty good as far as price. They are the sister company to our friend MSC and usually have a lot of the same stuff but cheaper. I’m not affiliated with Enco or MSC, just thought teams might be interested in the Christmas sales.


Edit: I have tried to order and the Enco system will only allow one promo code or the other. See Below.

nice find i may plan on a few Christmas purchases now that i can afford shipping

Well, uh oh, I just tried to place and order for $300 worth of stuff and the Enco order system will only let me use one Promo code or the other. Not both. After I went back and read through the email I received today from Enco I see in very, very, small print on the last line “Free Shipping and Discount promotional offers from Enco cannot be combined”. Of course in very large bold print at the top of the email it says:

“Here’s our gift to Special Offers subscribers… 10% off your entire web purchase through this Friday, December 15, 2006, when you shop at use-enco.com. To get your discount, just enter promo code HDS6C into the promo code box on the shopping cart page and click Apply. Hurry, this exclusive Web offer expires Friday at midnight, December 15, 2006. Plus, check out the December Free Shipping deals below and see all our sale items at use-enco.com.”

Oh well, sorry but it isn’t as good of a deal as I had thought. The free shipping isn’t bad but Enco runs that deal all the time so I will now proabably wait to see if they have any better deal after Christmas. You would think they would run an actual “special sale” for Christmas.

Sorry, my bad.