Encoder and line tracker wiring

Can anyone please take a good quality snapshot/picture of how wire up an Encoder and a Line Tracker to the sidecar, and upload it to this thread or send it to my email: [email protected]- thanks in advance

its basically orange to red (positive), black to brown (ground), and white to yellow/blue (signal A/B, both wires don’t need to be wired) for the rotary encoder.

Hey it would be useful if I could see this too. Is there a photo or a video of how to assemble the sensors, or any relative information?

There’s some stuff here http://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-14724
But the basic breakdown is this:

  • If the sensors gives back voltages (lookup), it goes in the analog break out.
  • If the sensors give back data (again, lookup), like numbers, it goes in the digital side car.
  • On each sensor are some letters followed by some kind of hole. These are basically different kind of data they can send back (lookup which holes send what kind of data). The essential ones though are + (power) and G/- (ground). After that, it depends on what you need.
  • The holes have to be soldered to a wire on the connection you are using

I’ll try posting pics after midterms (ends on Thursday), earlier if possible.

Ironically I did actually take a picture of the wiring for our quad encoders last year, but I lost it when I transferred phones and can’t remember how we did it without our wiring diagram near me now.

As for the banner sensors (line tracking sensors included in the KOP), they’re wired just a bit differently from everything else. Blue is ground, brown is power, and the white and black wires are “light output” and “dark output”, respectively.

The sensor requires greater than the 5V of power the digital sidecar can provide for it, so you have to wire it directly into the power distribution block (big thing filled with breakers that you use the wago tool to operate, not 100% sure I’ve got the correct terminology here). Just put the blue into a black and brown into its corresponding red with a 20 amp breaker and it’ll run fine.

As for the signal wires, you have to attach a pwm cable to the output(s) you wish to use and plug that cable into the digital sidecar. We’re opting to use the light output, which reads “true” when the sensor receives a white input, so we soldered the white wire off the sensor to the white wire on a pwm cable and left the black and red from the pwm alone. This is working for us thus far, and we’re just about done with our line tracking code.

Hope this helps!

Great! thank now i can see the line tracker working, lights are blinking, and its sensing Thanks again, but one question how did you go about prorgramming the line tracker??

If you are using labview…
Take a look in the default autonomous code that is in your C-Rio project.

If that doesn’t provide the help you are looking for, check this tutorial out!

It covers the basics about line following that should be of some help to your team!



I have an image of the setup for the photoswitch on the following thread.


Hope it helps.

yea, we use c++ but thanks for your help

lol, its not helpful at all, but here’s the pic as promised