Encoder Breakout Sending signal from fwd limit switch

On our robot there are two limit switches, each with 2 motors connected. Since the motors are opposite each other one switch has the fwd limit of one, and the rev of the other. For some reason on one of the talon breakouts is sending a signal from the fwd switch. When they are both connected to the same ‘outlet’ on the switch, the motor thinks rev limit switch is true, even though the physical limit switch is false. This problem goes away when only one motor is connected to the physical switch. Any ideas?

Do you have both talons programmed to be expecting the correct type of limit switch / encoder input? It may be expecting something else and trying to perform a handshake on that pin you’re connecting the limit switch to.

The obvious (though impractical) solution is to use a double pole limit switch. Check out the “slave” mode that can be used for Talon SRXs operated by CAN. There may be an option that lets one slave to the other running in the reverse direction. Alternately, you may have to use the cRIO to monitor the limit switch on one and send the signal to the other.

Yeah I’m not sure I follow the goal. Can you just have just have one master talon with traditional limit switch setup, and then have the slave talon follow the master. When the master limit-switch-faults, the slave will disable.

You can tell the slave to drive in the opposite direction. So master and slave are opposite in direction. See talon srx software reference manual section 9.1.4.