Encoder Code on a PG motor

Our team is new to encoders and looking for much needed help. Does anyone have some sample code using Labview to make this encoder work. We are tying to use an encoder to be able to see and/or tell the position of our single swerve drive motor which drives our robot.

Any help would be greatly appreciate. Here is the part number we are using.

Motor and Encoder (am-2971)

National Instruments provides example code for reading encoders. To find the code, open LabView and go to Help, and click “Find Examples.” The NI example finder should open up. Now, click “Search” and enter “encoder” into the search bar and click search. Now, find the example “Motor with Encoder.lvproj.” Double click this. The resulting code that opens up should give you a solid base to start coding your encoders. Good luck!