Encoder for snowblower motor?

Has anyone used an encoder with a snowblower motor? If so, what did you use? Or what other options would you use to control the position of the motor without an encoder?

Last year we used a series of limit switches on our lift to give us a “ghetto motion profile) as I call it. Using timers is possible too

For low speed applications like the 100 rpm snowblower motor we usually use potentiometers or rotary encoders on the application directly. What’s your application and do you have an output shaft down the like you can sense better?

We are going to use it as a rotating “finger” to pinch the hatches. How do you attach the potentiometer to the shaft?

Without knowing what potentiometer and shaft you plan to use, we can’t really guess at the best way to mount it.

One thing I would suggest, however, is just using a servo instead of a motor and potentiometer in this case (the servo can be told what position to go to)
We got the same type of rotating finger mechanism working during Week 2 with a servo. Be sure to use one that is strong enough though.

There are a couple of options. In years before, we 3d printed a couple of gears, one for the shaft and one for the potentiometer. This year we have an arm that moves 115 degrees so we’re just drilling a hole in the end of the shaft and snugging up a potentiometer in the hole with some latex tubing. Just some ideas.

We have thought about a servo, but we’re concerned about it having enough strength to pinch the hatch. Did yours work well?

Thanks we will play around with options and see what we can get to work.

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Sorry for the delayed reply.

Yes, it worked VERY well.