Encoder limit on the RoboRIO?

This year we plan on using 4 or 5 encoders on our robot.
All of them are the quad type is AndyMark. Is there a limit on the number of encoder a robot can use besides the DIO inputs limit?

Can a potentiometer be used like an encoder on a lift and be as presice?


8 x4 quad encoders are supported.

A pot can work fine on a lift.
I prefer a pot (or an absolute encoder) over an incremental encoder for elevator positioning.
You always know where it is, even when it just gets turned on.

In addition, 8 1x or 2x decoded quaderature encoders are supported, so 16 encoders. That takes more I/O then the roboRIO has available, even if you use all the DIO on the MXP for encoders.