Encoder Limit

Is there an encoder limit?
I ask because when we build our program with 5 encoders used throughout it builds fine and it downloads but when we start it up our program won’t run and tells us:
“Cannot allocate any more ports” check Resource.cpp line 61
We found nothing in Resource.cpp that is relevant.This is function/line it tells us to check(_=Space):

UINT32 Resource::Allocate()
____for (UNIT32 i=0; i < m_size; i++
__________if ( ! m_isAllocated*)
__________m_isAllocated* = true;
__________return i;
__________} <-This is line 61
____return 0;

If we comment out at least one encoder object creator and pointer(and it doesn’t matter which one of the five we comment out) then the error doesn’t show and everything else works.**

From the “C/C++ Programming Guide for the FIRST Robotics Competition”

There are four QuadratureEncoder modules in the FPGA and 8 Counter modules that can operate as
quadrature encoders. One of the differences between the encoder and counter hardware is that encoders
can give an oversampled 4X count using all 4 edges of the input signal. Counters can either return a 1X or
2X result based on one of the input signals. If 1X or 2X is chosen in the Encoder constructor a Counter
module is used with lower oversampling and if 4X (default) is chosen, then one of the four encoders is