Encoder Mount Kit Diametrical Pitch

Our team has been using the VexPro shifting gearbox encoder mount kits to mount Grayhill encoders to our custom gearboxes - for one of our designs, we need to use a different number of teeth on the large gear - we’re not sure what DP these plastic gears have, however. Does anyone know what diametrical pitch these gears have?

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Look here.

It doesn’t seem like any of the documents specifically give the pitch of the gears - am I looking in the wrong place?

The ballshifter housing CAD file is also available at the Vexpro site.

Looks like the C-C distance from output shaft axis to Greyhill encoder axis is one inch.

The encoder gear has 12 teeth and the output shaft gear has 36 teeth.

DP = (12 + 36) / 2 = 24.