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Hi, everyone. Our team was thinking of using those optical encoders. We would like to know if there would be any sort of restriction in the use different sensors then those provided in the FRC KOP because we didn’t manage to find anything related to this in the INFINITE RECHARGE Game Manual. 2-sensor-velocidade-modulo-encoder-optico-para-arduino-c-nf-D_NQ_NP_621974-MLB43023095065_082020-F

No problem at all. Sensors are custom circuits, so they just have to not generate 24V or contain mercury or other unsafe conditions.


While there may not be any rules against it, it may also not be suitable for many things encoders are used for in FRC. How are you planning to use it?

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Some other encoders, like the REV Through Bore encoder or CANcoder, are more likely to be seen in FRC. They cost more but are easier to interface with and more widely supported in the community.
The one you linked is fine for some low precision stuff, but may not be as robust long-term.


I agree with @Joe_Ross and @asid61

The one you showed will work without a problem.

But there are encoders that are made for FRC and have a lot of support. You also have to consider that if you’re in a competition and it breaks, nobody will have that one to loan/give you, but you probably will find a few CANCoders or AMT encoders that other teams might have

Just something to consider

What you will probably do with that one is connect it to 2 DIO pins on the RoboRIO, just make sure that the sensor can handle 5v

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We have many that look like that one, and if it is like ours, the issue with it beyond resolution is direction. It ends up being a tachometer rather than an encoder which is useful, but only to some degree. We were looking for encoders for min bots before the Romi was unveiled, and they were one of the pieces we investigated. I forget what the fourth pin was, but ours do not have an A and B channel. Ours are meant to used with a disc like this between the black prongs.


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To detect robot displacement

Unless you robot will only ever travel forward in a straight line, I think you will find that encoder unsuitable for robot displacement and will need an encoder that can detect direction as well.

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