encoder suggestions

I’m looking for a low cost encoder to use to track position. That will be easy to interface with the RC. I dont need high resolution. I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions that are tried and true and compatible with Kevin’s code. Thanks!


Well if you look at my post on this thread I have a suggested encoder. Provided you’ve been using good ISR code practices, this should work at an absolute maximum freqency of 12.5KHz for two channels (aka 3,000RPM) but will not quadrature decode properly at this speed. You’ll have to find out what your specific code can handle, unfortunately I can’t tell you exaclty how it will perform on your code.

Although, I have no idea what you’re mounting this to. Custom transmission? Something AndyMark? Bane Bots?

If you have any other/further questions, post.


This encoder will keep track of rotation of a wheel in the center of our robot that will just drag along and not serve as a drive wheel.I was thinking about using one of the anymark wheels that came with the kit and mount an aluminum plate to the hub mounting holes in which will mount to the encoder shaft. I don’t need high resolution. Mostly I need simplicity, reliability, and ease of interface.