Encoder Wire Colors

Could someone confirm this for me with the US Digital E4P-250-250-N-S-D-D-B encoder from AndyMark in regards to the color of the four wires for the cable that comes with the encoder.

Here’s my guess:
Orange = 5v
Brown = 0v
Blue & Yellow = Signal (Not sure which is A or B but it can be corrected in programming regardless)

Thank you! Sorry if this is already on CD somewhere; I tried searching for this but I couldn’t find the thread I was looking for.

That sounds right, but I believe it says on the encoder which pin on the connector is what.

Yes, orange is +5 (connected to red on the DIO cable) and brown is “ground” (connected to black on the cable). We always have yellow as A (going to white on the DIO cable) and blue as B (going to white on a second cable). But you’re right, deciding which is A and which is B is arbitrary.

You are correct, and I believe yellow is A.
Also, don’t be too rough with the connection to the encoder, they don’t take much to break.

When in doubt, always read the datasheet… found here:

1 +5VDC Orange
2 A Channel Blue
3 Ground Brown
4 B Channel Yellow