Encoder Wiring for AndyMark Super Shifters

We bought AndyMark Super Shifters, and we wondering how to wire them the the RC. How do the four encoder wires fit with the three pin input on the RC? I’ve looked around an can’t find any instructions for this.

From this datasheet, http://www.usdigital.com/assets/general/85_e4p_datasheet_0.pdf, which I found through a link on the AM supershifter page, pin 1 is +5VDC power, pin 2 is A channel, pin 3 is Ground, pin 4 is B channel. The encoder will take 2 digital inputs to be able to detect direction.

Pin 1 (Orange Wire) +5VDC
Pin 2 (Blue Wire) A Channel
Pin 3 (Brown Wire) Ground
Pin 4 (Yellow Wire) B Channel

To wire the encoders to digital inputs, you will need 2 pwm cables for each side. Take one pwm cable and cut off the male end. Pull apart the three seperate wires (signal-A Channel, Ground, and 5V) by about 6 inches. Strip all the wires, including the ones hooked up to the encoder connector. Make sure to put heat shrink over all the wires before soldering the connections. Solder orange wire to red wire, solder blue wire to white wire, and solder the brown wire to the black wire. For the B Channel, you will use an entirely diffrent pwm cable. Take the 5V and Ground wires out of the pwm cable by prying on the plastic tabs on the female end. Cut the male end out and strip the white wire, finally, solder the B Channel wire, or pin 4 to the white wire and heat shrink all of the connections. Hope this helps.

As a warning, be very careful with these encoders. Since they’re open frame and use the transmission bearings to keep the disc lined up in the encoder, they are very fragile.

If you have trouble with them being unreliable (breaking) you can try something like we used this year.