What type of encoder do you recommend for connecting to the shaft or motor? What are you using?

What mechanical systems are you using (specific gearbox, shaft size, etc)?
How fast does it spin?
How precisely do you need it to spin at that speed?
What motor controllers and motors are you using on this system?

We are searching for hexagon shaft and we are using CIM motor.

Encoder selection, like any scientific process, requires data to back up the decision.

You’ll want to answer all of GeeTwo’s questions (with numbers) if you want a really solid answer.

I can make a bunch of assumptions and recommend the Rev through bore encoder. Or maybe the Vex Pro hex encoder housing - combine it with a mag encoder. Either would likely work fine, especially if paired with a designed-compatible speed controller.

But what we definitely can’t do: make assumptions and simultaneously say “Yes, this will for sure work well in your case”.

Depends on where and how this is being used. If there is a limit to how much your mechanism will turn, I suggest using potentiometer over encoder because encoder is just an overkill. Also by using potentiometer, if you want to “remember” your position, it does that automatically for you. There are 1 turn, 3 turn, 10 turn potentiometer…
As for the encoder, you have many choices. Rev bore encoder is a good choice if you don’t want to make changes/mounts that will hold other shaft encoders.
If you are okay with making a mount, ctre mag encoders are never bad thing to use. They have relative and absolute mode.
Also I know that they have cim encoder, never used one in my team but that’s another option.
We also use 4 pin optical encoder on our drive(It might be this, it might not)
You have a lot of choices, and like i said before it really depends on what you need the encoder for.

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