Encoders and gyro - no idea

Programming in java, absolutely no idea whats wrong but both the gyro and the encoders attached to the motors give no output.
the encoders are attached to channels 1,2,3,4 (I didnt wire, and dont know how to) in slot 2. The gyro is in slot 1 on channel 1. We have inputed these values into our code but still no real input. Gyro gives a float point that means nothing (Still a number but not useful) and the encoders simply give us 0. Thought I’d ask you good people for some advice since we have no idea. (No experience with FRC, I’m good with Java)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Mind sharing your code?

Make sure you didn’t declare the encoders in slot 2. The first instance of every module is coded as 1, even though the first sidecar is in slot 2. Just remove the slot declaration from your code and leave the channel declaration.

Not sure it’s your problem (assuming the wiring for the two channels is correct) - but my first mistake was that the Encoders require a reset() - probably optional - and start() method invocation before you start getting data out of them.

Not sure about the gyro - that worked as advertised.