Encoders for CIM motors

The cimcoder, encoder for the cim motor are out of stock on andymark and every other website. Is there any other encoder that works to put individually on the CIM motors?


You can spend $90 to get a 1:1 VersaPlanetary with an integrated encoder.

Why though? Unless you’re direct-driving something off a CIM, there are better options for encoder positioning (like on a gearbox).

Is this for your drivetrain or shooter wheels or an actuator or what? If you give us a little bit of info, we can direct you to a lot of solutions.

I want to do direct drive for mechanums.

You can check out the two threads linked below for lots of suggestions. But you can design the encoder into your gearbox for the CIMs. I don’t know of any reason that your encoder has to be on the shaft of the CIM instead of on an output shaft.


Please explain what you mean.


Look for cimcoder on grabcad. There is a 3dprintable one there.

For our direct drive system, we wanted to use mechanum drive so we could align our robot easier to the gear. I am using cim motors on Banebots Building Block Series 220 Planetary gearbox. I have the 8" MK Mecanum, Wheel Set with the 250 standard andy mark hub. I somehow need to attach encoders to two of the wheels. The cimcoder’s available on andymark are out of stock. Is there anything else I can use?


Andymark offers an encoder stage for the banebots 220 system.

So would this work as as gearbox or would I have to attach it to the gearbox I ordered?

It appears to be a pass-thru stage (i.e. 1:1) so you would attach it to your current gearbox.

“I want to do direct drive for mechanums”

You really want to use a small single speed gearbox per wheel. Any version of the AM Tough box with a hex output shaft would work fine.

We used mechanums and the nano toughbox for recycle rush. We 3D printed an encoder mount, and custom machined the output shaft (length and E-Clip wheel retainer).

You may want to look at the Amt103-v or possible another variant of it if you want to put it directly on the cim. We got some from first choice and they seem pretty decent. The encoder comes with various adaptors for different shaft diameters including an 8mm which should work on the cim. I haven’t tested them yet so I don’t know how good they are, surely someone on here has used them and will be able to give some testimony on how well they work.

Are you looking for like a rotary encoder? If so, http://www.usdigital.com/products/encoders/incremental/rotary/kit/E4T

*@logsss: whatever you do, make sure to use a proper gear ratio. You do not want to have 1:1 gearing between the CIM and the 8" wheel.

Just going to leave this here.

Just going to leave this here.