Encoders over NavX on roborio

We want’s to use a lot of encoders so our roborio can’t handle the ammount of them so we decide to use Nav X to erxpand port . But how exacly should i declare that i;m using port over navx not roborio ?

I believe the DIO pins on the roboRIO are numbers 0-9 and the ones in the MXP (what the navX uses) are 10-19

Use these tables to find the port number: https://pdocs.kauailabs.com/navx-mxp/installation/io-expansion/

I’m assuming you don’t have smart Motor controllers like the TalonSRX? Seems like in resent history if you want to use feed back on a mechanism then a TalonSRX, NEO, or VictorSPX with a canifier can be a better solution. We tried to revert back last year with one of our simple systems to a Rio hardware controlled mech but quickly discovered that was more work than its worth.

How Many Encoders are you looking to use?
Will an analog device like a potentiometer be better suited for any of them? (IE less than 360 deg of rotation)

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I want to use 10 , 2-ports encoder . (Redline encoder)


Anyhow what will the subsystems be doing?
Can Some of these be potentiometers? [< 360 deg of rotation]
Can you run the encoders to the Motor Controller? [TalonSRX]

Note that the roborio only supports 8 encoder objects with 4x decoding. You can use counter objects with 1 or 2x decoding if you need more.

nope all of them must be redline encoders
an we use victorSPX

Ok, I had a few questions. What are the attached subsystems doing?

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