Encoder's PPR for 2011

We are encoding the encoder and we need the PPR for the encoder so we can figure out the Distance per Count for the Code.

SO what is a PPR? and how many PPR are in a Encoder.

Please Help.


Kyle Teager
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The answer is in the 2011 sensor manual.

The information for this years encoders, including Counts Per Revolution (360) can be found here:


I just want to make sure we have the right way to figure out Distance per Count

You find the circumfrence of the motor and divid it by PPR of the encoder to figure out the Distance per Count

The rest of this post assumes you are trying to find distance per count for your drivetrain.

The first thing you want to do is find the circumference of your drive wheel. This number is a distance/revolution of the wheel. Then you need to account for the gear ratio between the wheel and the encoder. On the Kit of Parts CIMple box the encoder is attached to the output shaft so the ratio we need is the sprocket ratio. If you are using the Kit sprockets the ratio is 12:26 so take the wheel circumference and multiply by 26/12. You now have a distance per revolution of the encoder. The last step is to divide by the counts per revolution. This will leave you with a distance per count.

Distance per Count = Wheel circumference*Sprocket Ratio/Counts per revolution.