Encoders w/ Cartesian Mecanum Drive

Since Andymark did not ship our Mecanum wheels out fast enough, I am working on configuring our robot with Mecanum wheels. I currently have a two joystick setup that will work with the Mecanum wheels, but I currently cannot figure out how to incorporate them into the final output values each motor receives. If possible, how can I examine what value is being sent to each motor so I can compare it to the encoder value? If this is not a viable option, what other option is there that allows me to use encoders to make sure each motor moves at the correct rate? Below is a screenshot of how I have the Mecanum drive programmed. Please ask any relevant questions that may help achieve an answer.http://s917.photobucket.com/albums/ad20/wiiking1/LOL/?action=view&current=MecanumSS.png

The Dashboard data includes the individual motor control values. You can view it in graphical form on the default Dashboard screen. To see actual numbers, you should be able to find it and probe it in the Build Dashboard Data vi.

At first glance, what you’re doing with the joystick values looks exactly right. You might want to add a dead band to the rotation value so the driver isn’t required to move the joysticks in perfect tandem in order for the robot not to spin at all.