Encoders with Victor SPX

If we are using Talon SPX’s for our drive train, is it worth it to use CIMcoders or is it better to use the speed controllers that are used inside of them?

Ok, so you’re using a few different terms here so I’m not really sure what you’re referring too. That said, here’s a few points to consider when dealing with Talon SRXs:

  • The data port on the Talon SRX connects natively to the SRX Mag Encoder, which are also one of the easiest to implement in code (that said, mounting can be challenging depending on what gearbox you use).
  • The Talon SRX (and Victor SPX) does have a “voltage control” feature which can be used to regulate the speed of the motors in a relatively consistent way. It’s not as accurate as an encoder, but works fairly well.
  • For encoders other than the SRX Mag Encoder, I recommend getting a Talon SRX Universal Breakout, which makes connecting third-party encoders (as well as limit switches and potentiometers) much easier.

Personally I don’t have any experience with the CIMcoders though I’ve heard they can be a bit tricky to wire. Since my team typically uses VEXPro gearboxes we use the VEX-recommended Greyhill encoders connected to a Talon SRX Universal Breakout on the Talons which works pretty good for us.