Does anyone have a working tutorial for getting values from encoders?

The NI people included a bunch of examples with LabVIEW.

  • On the Starting screen on the bottom right you’ll see “Find FRC Examples…”
    [INDENT] Click on that and you’ll see a long list of folders.

  • One of the folders is “Sensors”
    [INDENT] Double-click on that to get a list.

  • You’ll see “Encoder Example.lvproj”
    [INDENT] Double-click on that to open this example project.

  • Expand the RT Target and you’ll see “Encoder Example.vi”
    [INDENT] The front panel demonstrates how everything gets wired.
    The block diagram has the example code.
    [/INDENT]Use this example project as-is by just changing the target IP to your own, and it’s good for verifying that everything is working properly and you can probe various spots to see how it works.