Encrypted game manual?

I have read about this in a first email, it said to get someone to download it.
Where do I download it? or When will it be available?

Sorry if this question is obvious but I searched and could not find anything.

Rookie team, 4795

Usually, the encrypted manual is released a couple days before the game is. Figure probably a week from today as a good estimate, and be pleasantly surprised if it’s early.

They’ll put out an email blast when it’s released. There should also be a decryption test file with it so you can check that your decryption works properly.

They usually post the encrypted version a couple of days before kickoff.

Don’t worry, you’ll see a plethora of posts and such once the encrypted manual becomes available (both on CD and elsewhere).

  • Sunny G.

Note that the first half of the game manual, which deals with administrative and logistical issues, is already posted at the www.USfirst.org website. Under FRC (at the top) look under Game & Season info.