Encrypted manual/Documents posted

It hasn’t been blogged about, but if you download the manual there, it looks to be the encrypted document.

No encrypted KOP checklist yet, though…

Thanks for pointing this out, Steven.

They have also released the following encrypted K.O.P. Info, found here:

  1. Black Tote Checklist (All Teams)
  2. Green Tote Checklist (Rookie Teams Only)
  3. AndyMark Drive Drive Base Kit
  4. 2013 Drive System User Guide

Can we access or did FIRST just encrypt it so when we get the realease code during kickoff we game download the manual.I’m new at this point i normal work on the mechanical part of the robot

It’s encrypted so that you can download it now to whatever device you plan on looking at the manual on(ie.computer, smartphone, tablet). That way, when the password is released, you can unlock it with that password without having to download it from the FIRST servers, which will inevitably crash.

The latter is correct. They will release the code during the end of the Kickoff webcast.

Ok that make sense

Thank you!

Downloaded, now I’m itchy for Saturday to come!

I have zipped up all the files (manual, field information, checklists) and zipped them up. I’ve hosted them on Dropbox and Google Drive for convenience.

Google Drive: [LINK REMOVED]


  • Sunny G.

I have them on our site, although I suggest you check out their official site first. Ours should be available even if FRC is down.

I appreciate your intent, but you may want to check the redistribution licensing. In the past, redistribution was not allowed, but linking to the original distribution was.
Just make sure you are square with the licensing.

am I the only one still getting the coming soon page?

If you’re at that page, you’ve gone to the online version of the manual, which isn’t up yet. This is the direct link to the pdf. You’re going to want to right click it and “Save link as…”

Teams have been hosting the competition manual before kickoff for almost as long as I can remember. I don’t anticipate it’ll be an issue now, especially considering that the FIRST website almost systematically goes down around kickoff time.

  • Sunny G.

I do believe the link to download is available now

Turns out to be bad design of the original page.

resize it horizontally and you’ll see how the download link vanishes… magic!

FIRST has formally requested that all teams remove any hosting of game documents. See Frank’s blog post for more info.

Link: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/blog-one-day-to-go

Thanks for highlighting this point. I’m glad I was not just imagining it.

While I do not quite understand this line of thought, I have taken down the hosted links. I suppose if someone wants a copy of the zip file emailed to them or something, you can send me a message, and I’ll shoot it your way.

  • Sunny G.