End caps?

Our team is looking for plastic caps. We need them to put on the open ends of our robot’s metal frame so we may pass inspection.

We’ve already checked local hardware stores. They need to be 1" x 1" and we need 20-30 of them.

The sooner the better.

Your local hardware store is a good place to start looking.

If you can’t find any, drip a layer of hot glue over the ends of it. Or some similar material.

home depot carries them too

You could also try a patio furniture place. Alot of the metal framed patio furniture has end caps and they might have something that will work. Another thing is to look in a catalog for aluminum profile extrusion. Bosch, MK, 80/20, Robounits, ect. sell end caps for different sizes for their extrusion and I think this will be your best bet.

I would go for 80/20. We use the x-channel 10/10 stuff for which there are end caps, but I’m fairly certain that the 1x1 Quick Frame aluminum extrusions have end caps available. Check them out, www.8020.net. Good luck!

They have that exact thing you are talking for the desks at my school but I know they are not 1x1. Anyway, I believe Virco makes the desks but I’m not certain.

But really, if this is all you are worrying about right now, you are way ahead of the rest of us.

They ahve them at all decent home improvement centers. Your problem is that you have yet to become a hardware store junkie like me and 'ol sanddrag.