End game bot-mounted ramps for earning the climb: What size bots will fit?

We have built the KOP chassis to drive in the long configuration 32.5 by 27.5 inches, driven by the six, KOP 6 inch HiGrip wheels.
Will this configuration:

  1. NOT get hung up on the drive up the ramps to make both the ramp angle clearances (from the floor to the platform, then from the platform on to the bot-ramp")?
  2. Fit without falling off (it is too wide or long)?
    I know each team who builds ramps to accommodate their alliance partners “climb” will be built a little differently, but in general do you think this configuration will fit? Thank you, so much for your input in advance.

Teams that are successful in ramps will have considered the kit of parts chassis sizes. My answer is yes for both questions.

Per section 3.3.5 of the manual, the ramps have a 15.35 degree angle and are 8ft 8in by 3ft 5 1/4 in. So you will fit on the platform no problem. I don’t know how much clearance your chassis has, but I’m sure it can make it up a 15 degree incline. Ramp bots will likely be designed to not be much steeper than that, and should have enough size to accommodate a KOP chassis. That will depend on the individual team however, but I suspect they are keeping this in mind.

So what we did for this was use basic trig and scouting to figure out that most teams 60%+ will use a KOP chassis, the trig comes in by weighing out each setup to find out the lowest approach angle a KOP chassis with 6 inch tires,find the angle at which it can clear and not scrape or bottom out and then justify that any setup above this will work. Also use CAD to mock up the front of a WCD again use 4" wheels and then find the approach angle. At regionals you can then filter through teams easier to find a bot or group of bots that can use your ramp. We are also looking for teams in our local area who we can use to test out ramp positions.

I believe the KOP comes with 6" wheels…

Our team’s 2018 KOP came with six 6 inch HiGrip wheels which we are using.