End Game Scoring Rules

Sorry if there was another thread I could not find about this, but for thr 2010 endgame, a robot can be elevated or suspended for a 2 or 3 point score, respectively. While most people can see this as “hanging,” by definition, can it also be sitting on the platform that makes the top of the tunnel?

ELEVATED: A ROBOT that is completely above the plane of the PLATFORM and in contact with
the TOWER shall be considered ELEVATED.

The way I see this is that a robot can score as an elevated robot, as long as every single part of it is above the plane.

Also, the video shows and talks about the same kind of action, but then again, there have been some discrepancies in the animations before.

So, is it safe to design a robot that can elevate itself by climbing onto the platform? Or should this be avoided incase of a rule change. It seems intended to me, but then again, that is just me.

Also, if we were to have the ability for another robot to drive ontop of our robot while it is on the platform, would that robot score as suspended?

It can go onto the platform and get 2 points.

If you have another robot drive on top of that robot, it’s worth 4 total points because it’s not technally “hanging” off of the first robot. <-- Scratch this part

Incorrect. As long as the robot on top is touching only the ELEVATED robot, it counts as SUSPENDED and would add 3 points on, totaling 5 points for both robots.

Ok my bad. I better go tell my team then.

Elevated or Suspended bots are awarded 2 or 3 points respectively. Bots that are suspended are awarded 3 points not a three point bonus. So a robot sitting atop another robot on the platform is awarded 3 points not 5.

I guess my statement could be misinterpreted. I meant 5 points total for both robots, and edited my previous post to reflect that.

Have we even figured out yet if being on the platform at the end of the match is even worth points? Without quoting the rules exactly, I remember it saying something that being completely above the platform is worth points. Is being on the platform surface, (meaning sitting on the platform while touching it) being above the platform and qualify for points? I don’t think so.

I agree with your interpretation, and we will need to ask this when the Q&A opens.

From my point of view the entire robot is not ‘above’ the plane if the wheels are on the plane.

I’m pretty sure sitting on the platform counts as being above the plane. A plane has no depth so you can’t be in the plane, and you certainly cannot be below it, so you must be above. Plus they demonstrated this with two robots in the animation, so it seems that this was intended.

No cause remember the animation clearly counted the robot on the platform as counting above the plane, the plane is being on or above the platform; otherwise, why would they count being on the platform as 2 points in the manual?

As we have seen in years past, the only rule interpretation is the game manual with its updates. The game animation and the demonstration with Deab, Woody and Dave are NOT the rules. There may be a slip up. I do agree though we need some clearer interpretation.

My idea on this is that they say the robot needs to be completely above the plane of the platform, but if your robot is sitting on the platform it is at the plane not completely above it…

We will see what FIRST Says when they open the forum board.

No what I meant was that the manual even states that if a robot is on the platform then they receive 2 points

Where does it say this? Under Scoring 7.3.3 of the game manual, I see 3 ways to score.

  1. Score balls in goals = 1 point
  2. Elevated Robot = 2 points
  3. Suspended Robot = 3 points

I am still under the assumption that elevated means above the platform (ie not touching it). No where does it say if a robot is on the platform, then it gets points.

ELEVATED: A ROBOT that is completely above the plane of the PLATFORM and in contact with the TOWER shall be considered ELEVATED.

if you are on TOP of the platform you are therefore over the plane of the platform

I agree with this interpretation and I think you will find that this is what the GDC intended. A plane is a feature with zero thickness. The only way to **not **be above it is to either be below it or intersecting it. Since the plane is exactly lined up with the surface of the platform, the only way to intersect it would be to intersect the plastic itself.

I do find it a little odd that they would design a field with a platform that has no purpose for scoring what so ever. I would, however like to see a clarification on this topic. I would just hate to design a robot feature (like be able to climb on to the platform) that could not be used due to a rule.

While I believe this is the way that the GDC will interpret this, They could determine that ‘ON’ is not 'above’ the plane.

We’ll just have to wait 'til tomorrow.

People that are here looking for an absolute clarification obviously know they won’t be able to get it here. Luckily it is still early in the season so you should feel free to toss around platform bot ideas without worrying about too much of a commitment. The GDC is going to rule that being on the platform is also being above it (unless they were bad at geometry in high school), but… don’t take my word for it - ask. You will know for sure very soon and will already have your snazzy designs ready :slight_smile:

I think the GDC intended for a ‘platform sitter’ to be counted as elevated. IT’s no small task. The Q&A will confirm this in a few days.

For those bringing up the animation, they also showed a robot retreating into the tunnel at the endgame, but that isn’t worth anything (Though it would be cool if that was a 1 point bonus, as long as you are completely inside, which isn’t possible for a full 28x38 robot)