End of Match Dynamics...What do ppl think??

Posted by Justin at 1/18/2001 3:32 PM EST

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Hello FIRST Community,

I have been thinking about the dynamics of the end of a match with this co-opertion fest of a game. My theory is that whe you have a real competition (ie. clear cut winner and clear cut looser) you can easily tell who won and thus the crowd goes into a roar cheering for the winner. However this year that dynamic goes away…you are cheering for a much more abstract thing. What do people think it will be like??

As an intersting side note. Someone describe this years game as the Indy 500. But instead of the 30 cars all on the track racing against one another…each car goes out and does 500 laps by itself. There’s nothing tying these matches together.

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Posted by Michael Martus at 1/18/2001 3:52 PM EST

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Posted by Justin on 1/18/2001 3:32 PM EST:

My vision is that all during the match the 4 teams are being cheered on by their team mates. This should make a loud noise.

At the conclusion of the match when the score is calculated there will be one cheer lasting say 5-10 seconds. Then the next teams will move in to watch their teams.

This will for sure be a different form of competition. Only time will tell if this is the right direction for FIRST.

We all need to support this game and keep the students excited and interested in the activities of the competition. The students will make it work. They need to “buy in” to this.

Posted by Marc Griffin at 1/18/2001 8:10 PM EST

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Posted by Michael Martus on 1/18/2001 3:52 PM EST:

I think Michael is Right, The Students are the Biggest Part in the Cheering Section, If they Don’t like the Idea of the “all for one” mentality then you’ll have less Cheering at the End except when high scores are obtained. I think the Biggest problem is the fact not a lot of the Students like the all ally Idea Because Most People want to see the Fierce competitions of the Previous Years…but time will tell in this Most definite Odd and Exciting Game.

Oh, and I think Everyone will Cringe at the Sight of a robots Demise, Whether it be by Bridge or by just simple death on field, no one wants to see a robot go down, and you will here the crowds upset “oh”'s at that.

Posted by Suneet Upadhyay at 1/18/2001 6:31 PM EST

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Posted by Justin on 1/18/2001 3:32 PM EST:

In my opinion, the team’s scores will determine the amount of cheering. Low to average scores will probably receive limited through average enthusiasm, while a score of, say, 800 would drive the crowd wild. (though 600’s might be more common)