End of season awards given by other teams

Our team is only three years old and we are trying to develop a few “end of season” awards to be given out at our team awards banquet. We have come up with a couple of these, but I wanted to reach out on C/D to get input from other teams on individual awards that their team gives out on an annual basis. Thanks for the feedback.

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5913 hands out awards voted by the students (and verified by the mentors) that somewhat mirror an FRC competition. We hand out:

  1. Rookie All-Star: Hardest working first year student
  2. On The Spot: Students that always seem to be in the right place
  3. Most Dedicated: The student that commits the most time to the program
  4. MVP: The all-star type that the team would be different without
  5. FIRST Award: Basically the Chairmans for a student, the one that embraces and radiates the FIRST values.

What ever you do make sure its reasonable and the people getting it are not like us. In 2018 at AVR 5012 gave us a safety award while one of our members was standing on the robot to get the bar into pace while we were bolting it on. Its a cool meme and thanks 5012!

We’re pretty safe other wise!

I’m on 1778 chill out and we have an award the chillest member, it is kind of vague but the general meaning of it is who represents our values the best.

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  • MVP - for members who provide the most effort, or who have made a huge (sometimes multi-year) impact on the team
  • All-around Player - for member(s) who have been involved across subsystems from strategy to prototyping to design to controls.
  • “Programming is Hard” Award - for member(s) who have struggled with the many gremlins which abound in the FRC control system.
  • Rookie of the Year - for a student who in their first year has really gone all-in and been a valuable member

We typically ask a mentor to present each of these awards with a short speech on how the member has been involved with the team and their contributions. In addition, each graduating senior receives a machined aluminum plaque with our logo and their name.

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