end of the hawaiin shirts?!?

:ahh: :ahh:
No, dont worry, my dad will keep on wearing them. But it was a close call. He had been set up to be on the TLC show, What Not to Wear and had even been approved by the producers to be on. His so called friends and co-workers had gotten approval for it, but the producers pulled out of the DC trip and multiple DC shows at the last minute. If you havnt seen this show, they send fashion experts to evaluate your clothes, give you advice, throw away some of the clothes they dont approve of(hawai’in shirts and junky old t-shirts would definately have been lost), they give you $5000 to buy new clothes, and you get basically a make-over(end of “the hair”). Just thought the CD community might get a laugh out of this.

No way. Get out.

Well, he would be a good candadate, with the hair alone!

JUST KIDDING DAVE!! :smiley: :smiley:

I’d pee my pants if this is true.


I watch that show all the time – I would totally flip if I saw Dave on there!

I can picture myself sitting on the couch at home …



I watch that show at times too. That would have been something to have seen him on that show. I’m sure they would have kept the “My other car is on Mars” shirt. There’s no way they could replace that! :slight_smile:

I think that TLC would be bombarded with so many angry letters and phone calls from FIRSTers, it’d be one of those banned episodes.

I wonder what their stance is on robotics shirts…

I like Dave.

I dislike how shows like that shove some homogenized idea of “style” and “fashion” down your throat.

Don’t do it Dave, don’t do it!

If something like this were to happen, that is when you know the government has failed.

I would be extremely shocked if I saw those Hawaiian shirts go. *tear :frowning: *

So… uh… Hawaiian shirts are on the hit list, but what about the Kilt? :yikes:

As long as there are Hawaiian shirts and Dave is breathing my guys will be outfitting him. I already have a Dave Lavery shirt ordered for this season.

And wouldn’t it be neat if they went into Dave’s closet, kept the hawaiian shirts and threw out the rest of his clothes?

Hawaiian shirts- Pele’s gift to FIRST- and the official outfit of Raider Robotix Team 25

For a great source of Hawaiian Shirts see www.gorhc.com -Royal Hawaiian Creations, Honolulu, long time outfitter and friends of Team 25


Funny, but I always pictured Dave as being Queer Eye for the Straight Guy material… just kidding… probably…

I don’t care enough about fashion to have ever thought about setting up a friend for a show like that, however I have seriously considered Scare Tactics…


I’d be upset if someone threw away my robotics shirts. Because then I’d have no shirts.


Dave gave me one of his shirts for my birthday, autographed and all.
That was the best Lavery thing of the weekend!

… No, wait, that was eating dinner with Sean. oops. :wink:

just kidding, i like your shirt, i swear

Great, now they are talking about my wardrobe…

Yes, it’s true. I just found out yesterday that I was within about a week or so of being ambushed and forced to clean up my act on national television. My “friends” had worked it with the NASA powers-that-be, and they were all set to go when the production company waved off on thier trip to DC. Whew! Coming between me and my Hawaiian shirts would be like trying to get between Dean and denim.

But just to show they haven’t got to me yet, I am wearing one of my favorites to work today (which can be verified on the Amazing DaveCam!). Just in case this is one of the last times I can get away with it, I figured I would make all my co-workers enjoy (suffer through?) the shirts as well!



interesting story…i was also soposed to be on a similar show, mine was “a make-over story” but the resason i was soposed to be slected was because they wanted to do a robotics themed show and found RIT’s mdrc site…they sent an e-mail out to all the members and i replyed…i ended up not doing it because it conflicted with my finals schedule but just imagine “a robotics themed make over story” :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m kinda glad i didn’t do it

If you don’t mind a serious question on this, well, even if you do mind, since I’m going to ask it anyhow… Does it bother you at all that your “friends” (yes, the quote marks are noted) tried to organize this? Or do you see it as a big joke? Are you laid back and thinking, “heck, hair grows back, and Hawaiian shirts can be re-bought.” or more like “$5,000 worth of new clothes, woot!” Would you have fought for your Hawaiian shirts? Put your foot down and held onto them? Or would you have been to embarrassed to go against them (which is what I believe happens to most people on that show).

The whole thing does sound rather funny, but for some reason it’s disturbing too. I don’t know why people want to change other people so much, it’s something I don’t think I’ll ever understand. There’s that saying, “The clothes make the man.” but I think there are a lot of mean, greedy, narrow-minded people running around in designer labels and if that’s what makes, them, I’m rather glad I’m unmade. Eeep, didn’t mean to get preachy…

Oh well, answer if you want to, I’ve now got to go have lunch with a bunch of co-workers who are always harassing me about my style (or lack thereof).


See, this is my thing with the surprise genre of reality television.

Stuff like Big Brother, Survivor, Trading Spaces, and The Bachelor is fine with me (well, as fine as some of those shows can get–never was a dating show fan). The people sign up, and they know (more or less) what they’re getting into.

But then we’ve got all of these new shows, such as Punk’d, Boiling Points, What Not to Wear (although I’m sure they’ve been shot down in the past), and the related genre where the contestants/stars/victims are picked without them knowing it. And you know, when you’re surprised by something like that and not expecting it, you get really screwed up in the head.

I was going to get overly preachy (a la Heidi), but I’m going to hold off.

Somewhat on-topic…I just got an email about this sale. Now Dave can stock up for next season!

How did I get this email? I’ve been on the list since I bought one for one of my Babson friends who everytime a bunch of us went out anywhere, he would wear the same shirt (his “party shirt”)…thus the girls decided he needed a new party shirt for his birthday…and bought him a bright orange one.

Edit: Ironically, this guy was also named Dave. Go figure :wink:

Cool! That Hawaiian Nights dress is so Dave! Though he may want to go with the evening gown unless he plans on shaving his legs! Now there’s an image for you…

I think Dave should go for the Hawaiian Ties for work. I tried finding an entire Hawaiian suit with no luck.