End of the Match

At the end of the match, how do you release the air out of the pneumatic system?

Is it through programing or is it done mechanically?

i would think by urself by the release valve.

Open the valve manually.

According to rules, at the end of the match before the teams go out and pick up their robots, the refs must be able to open the pneumatic devices with ease. Therefore, you must have to release the pressure outside of the arena, without touching the actual bot. Am I correct?

No, as long as you can go out on the field and release the air so they can retrieve the ball you’re fine.

Do you bet your life on that, because I believe I saw a rule on that?
Just to verify.

a release valve was provide just for that purpose. it is dont manually

please speak english.

The Refs can use the manual release valve too, if necessary.
Just mark it’s location well, so it’s obvious where it is.

The only related rules I found were:

Well I’m only going to bet my life for God, Country or Family. That being said, here is the rule.

<G45> Arena Reset - ROBOTS must be designed to permit the release and removal of any TRACKBALLS from the ROBOT without being powered up after a MATCH. If a ROBOT violates this rule, the offending TEAM will be warned and requested to modify the ROBOT. If the modification is not made, the ROBOT may not be permitted to compete in future

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