Endgame Points

I was watching the Great Northern Regional Quarters 3 Match 2 and I noticed that in the Endgame the blue alliance received points for two robots hanging (25 pt. each), one robot parking (5 pt.) and Shield Generator switch level (15 pt.) which sums into 70 points.
If you look at the game you can notice that team 4539 is hanging but touching team 3297 which is parking.

At the beginning of the week my team, Primo 4586, participated in ISR District Event #1. During the competition we had the same case where we were hanging but touching a robot who was parking and our climb was considered as park. When I went to the head referee to ask why our climb was not considered as a hang he told me that according to the rules, “A ROBOT is considered HANGING if, five (5) seconds after the ARENA timer displays zero (0) following
TELEOP, it is fully supported (either directly or transitively) by its GENERATOR SWITCH”. So because we were not fully supported by the GENERATOR SWITCH (touching a parking robot) it was not considered as a hang.
For reference here is one of the matches it happened to us, Quals 17.

Why do you think these cases differ?

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Personally, I believe that the referee may judge things differently based on the situations. In the first video (4539 & 3297) you can see that 4539 does hit 3297 once while climbing, but eventually stabilizes away from 3297 by a few inches at most. For your case, I can’t really tell since there isn’t a good camera angle, but I would assume that your team’s robot might be touching it slightly. Hope you’ll have better luck next time!