Endgame question

can a robot shoot while hanging? just curious, I didn’t see anywhere in the rules that you can’t, only that you can’t mess with other hanging robots…

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Me neither.

As far as I am aware this is legal. *wink wink

The only place on the field you are prohibited from shooting from is your own sector. Anything else is fair game.

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This is only prohibited if the ball travels to the other sector…


I think that the reason for this is that FIRST doesn’t expect anyone to shoot while climbing. Although it is an interesting question. Shoot while climbing and you will earn the respect of me and many others, and possibly an award for inspiration/creativity.


If you could pull it off, and score… thre crowd would be on their feet! :exploding_head:


If the shooter is pointing towards the Coral that can be amazing to see but you have to be careful not to shoot towards the other alliance, because that is a foul :joy:

The problem with shooting while hanging is can be very easily counted as “interfering” with the other alliance’s climbing, because you are shooting through their rendezvous area.

Like some other posters have said, you have to be careful around the boundaries, but team 16 has done it and it seems promising.

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Um. I don’t think so. If you draw a line from any point in the red alliances rendezvous zone to the goal (representing the trajectory of the ball), that line does not pass through the blue alliances rendezvous zone.

The challenge is to get a clear shot at the goal. If you are hanging from the middle of the red alliance switch with your shooter toward the trench run side of the switch, you have to have your shooter a decent distance away from the hanging point to get a clear shot at the goal through the structure.

But, it will happen. Bomb Squad hinted in their reveal that they can do it. I think there will be several bots with turrets that will figure out how to make this work. It will be awesome if it can be done. I can’t wait to see it!