Enet Link Problem

All the lights are green on the driver station except the Enet Link light on the driver station diagnostics. There’s robot communication and robot code and the joysticks are registered but when I enable teleoperated… nothing’s running… no motors etc… and this is the same code that we tried a week ago…
Obviously we think the Enet link is the problem but we changed three diff cables… any other suggestions?


I assume you are connected wirelessly via your router?
The Enet will be red if you don’t use a cable to directly connect your Classmate to either the cRIO or to a router communicating with the cRIO. Well, to connect to anything really.

I suspect the problem is something else entirely.

My first check would be ALL the robot’s status lights.
What does EVERY light indicate?

My second check would be your code.
What programming language are you using?

My third check would be the wiring, but I’d suspect something would work.

Make sure that your team number on the Driver Station is correct.

What is the Robot Signal Light doing during all this?

I suspect that the IP address you’d have on the wireless connection isn’t the same as what you’d have on the wired port. If your Classmate’s Ethernet port is acting up and you’re establishing a wireless link in its place, that might be what’s keeping everything from working.

The robot lights and all the lights on the status diagnostics are green. We’ll confirm the status lights on the LED of the crio and sideboard now… also going to try uploading code to see if it’s a network error.

If the Communications lights is on, then that implicitly means the first layer of networking is fine. The enet link light is computed by calling ipconfig or another command line program and parsing the results.

What OS is this on? And can you run ipconfig in a command line and print screen or copy/paste the response and PM it to me?

Greg McKaskle