Engineer/Alum looking to mentor in the LA area

Hey CD!

I am currently looking for an FRC team near me to mentor. I really miss being a part of FRC and was hoping to start mentoring earlier, but Covid sorta derailed things. If anyone in the LA area is looking for mentors I would love to join you this build season! I live in the Hawthorne area, and would be fine driving a bit.

A bit about me:
My name is Julia Cecchetti. I was a student on FRC Team 291, Creativity in Action from 2015-2018. I was the programmer, lead designer, and driver for the team for all four years (the team is very small, so had to do a bit of everything). After graduating in 2018, I got my mechanical engineering degree from Penn State and now I work at SpaceX as a propulsion engineer.

I have extensive experience in CAD, strategy, and mechanical design. I would also be able to mentor in either LabVIEW or Java, as I have experience in both. My crowning achievement my senior year in 2018 was a three-cube scale auto :slight_smile:

Please reach out if you need a mentor!


I have known Julia for many years. She would be a fantastic mentor for a team.


Hi Julia. 294 beach cities robotics is always looking to grow its mentor base

We have several mentors from spacex!

It would be great to touch base. Send me a DM and we can chat about the team!


294 is a pretty good team. I’d also see about 207 (Hawthorne H.S.)–I don’t know for sure how they’re doing for mentors but if they aren’t looking for more I’d be surprised and from what I recall they’re also a SpaceX-sponsored team. @Metalcrafters would know more.

There’s a few other options around too–I live in Hawthorne myself, but mentor in Torrance (1197, South H.S.); there’s 4201 over in El Segundo (right down the 105 freeway, and host of the L.A. Regional-- @Joy4201, care to comment?).



Yes, 4201 is always open to new mentors. I would love to chat more if you are interested in checking us out and can connect you with other local teams that aren’t on CD as well if you are looking for a certain type of team (size, goals, age of the team, specific meeting schedule), etc.

Please shoot me a DM if you’d like to chat.


Hi Julia!

Team 1759 from El Segundo High School is looking for mentors. We currently have mentors for programming and electrical, but could definitely use some mentorship on the CAD/mechanical side. Feel free to DM me if you’re interested!

Hi Julia!

Team 1836 from Milken Community School is also looking for mentors! It’s a bit more of a drive for you, we’re about 20 miles north of Hawthorne. We’re a smaller team, especially this year — we’ve got about 15 students. And while we greatly appreciate the mentors and alumni who stop by or hang out in our Slack, I’m the only mentor who’s there for every meeting. Would love to chat if you’re interested!


Hey Julia, long time!

1836 would be lucky to have ya :v:

I’ve been informed that 3759 (St. Mary’s Academy) is also looking for mentors; they’re in Inglewood, so just north of you. They aren’t on Chief but 1197 has some lines of communication.

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