engineering award trivia question

Quick question:

What was the youngst team to ever get the engineering inspiration award? And while we’re at it, how bout the same question for chairman’s?


By youngest, do you mean relative to how long a team has been involved with FIRST since they first started with the organization, or as in who was the first team to receive this/these award(s)? (It could be by the same team, better not rule them out) :wink:

youngest as in how long they’ve been in FIRST. i.e rookie, sophomore, 3rd year, etc. I ask this because i am wondering if we tied another record this year. We are a sophomore team and were very excited and thankful to recieve the engineering inspiration award. Last year we got 2 rookie all star awards which tied a record, im just wondering if this ties another.


191 won the first Chairman’s Award and are the only ones to win it twice(Nationally). We won the Chairman’s Award last year as a second year team at Regionals. That feat was matched this year by 1188 as they won the award in their second year. I don’t know about Engineering Inspiration.

The awards have changed pretty significantly over the time since FIRST has been around. The Inspiration award is relatively new and the rules associated with the Chairmans award were revised a couple of years ago such that any team that had previously won it could not win it again. We won it in 1997 our second year, the year after winning the Rookie Allstar award at Nationals. Additional Engineering awards like Delphi’s Driving Tomorrows Technology and the GM Industrial Design award were added over the years to get us to where we are today.

Ya, we were aiming for chairman’s, but came up just short i believe. But there’s still SVR to hope for…


This year, we (1151) recieved the Engineering Inspiration award in Portland ath the Pacific Northwest regional. Since no rookie teams can recieve this award, it cannot be beaten. It is and will remain a tie for the record (as far as I can tell)