Engineering Awesomeness - Father of the Year

I recently saw this YouTube video of a guy modding his son’s Power Wheels car:

I think this is pretty darn cool. It made me think – “What other examples are there of parents using engineering to create awesome things for their kids?

Any FIRSTers out there have any examples of things they’ve done (or heard about) in which engineering talent was used to create something awesome for children?


This is my favorite: back yard roller coaster.

I saw that yesterday as well. Pretty cool!
Getting kids exposed to STEM at such an early age…something you dont see too often anymore.

I saw both of the videos on TV a few hours after they were posted in chief delphi.
I guess that someone from FIRST is working in one of the Israeli TV channels.

thats sooo cool :ahh: . wish i had one when i was a kid :mad: