Engineering Career Opportunity in Michigan

American Axle and Manufacturing (AAM) in Rochester Hills, Mi is currently seeking a new hire who has FIRST experience.

The position is in our Advanced Research Department. The applicant should have participated in FIRST as a student. The job description is very open-ended but might include the following work; 3D modeling; product design, product prototyping, test engineering, technical drawing, software development and testing…etc etc.

If you were integral in your teams robot design and construction or programming and, are now, or will soon be graduating from college please let me know.

American Axle is a multi-billion dollar company that is desperately in need of fresh products and young engineers who have a diverse skill set. The experiences gained from FIRST are recognized here, as AAM sponsors Team RUSH (frc27.)

Please email me directly with questions or resumes. The position is ready to be filled immediately. Serious applicants only please. [email protected]

Anthony, would this job be available for a Kettering Co-op?

Unfortunately we have no co-op positions available.

If you were in your last work term it may be possible.

This position is open for all applicants and is not necessarily entry-level.

An engineering degree is not required to apply as all applicants will be reviewed based on their skill set.

i am interested
in the job

email me directly with your resume and any questions. thanks.

[email protected]

I’ve only received three of four resumes for this position, I need more.

If you have FIRST experience and have skills associated with electro-mechanical systems, product design, invention and project management please contact me.

This is a great opportunity that isn’t often realized.

Wha an outstanding opportunity for someone. Unfortunately, I’m committed to New Jersey, or I’d consider it.

I’m bumping this up again…

I have received several promising resumes in regards to an open position with American Axle in Rochester, Michigan. Of course I’d like more. :slight_smile:

The only real requirement is that you have FIRST experience. The ideal applicant would have a degree in a technical field and a heap of practical knowledge about electro-mechanical systems because of their involvement in FIRST.

If you have FIRST experience, know someone with FIRST experience, mentored a student who you think would be great and/or posses any of the below listed skills, or some skill you think is valid please contact me directly with your resume. I’m hoping to start calling people in for interviews in the next few weeks.

Relevant Skill and job opportunities
-product design
-3d modeling
-technical drawing
-national instruments hardware
-vehicle testing
-project management
-vehicle wiring
-CAN systems
-control theory, PID and closed-loop systems
-fabrication and machining

Thank you to anyone who has already expressed interest.

if you get the job
when will you hear
from them???