Engineering Inspiration at Worlds

I’m sure that somebody else has already started a thread on this, but I can’t find it anywhere.
Anyway, so my team (4188 - Columbus Space Program) won our District Championship’s Engineering Inspiration award and we’re going to worlds for it! I wanted to know if anybody knows who all we would be going against on our field at worlds. I’m not sure if it starts over once we get there and we go against everyone on our field or if we only go against teams who one it at their respective competitions. Anybody know?
THANKS! And good luck!:smiley:

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EI is a division level award. So it is the two fields in the division. I don’t think winning EI at district/regional is required to be considered for it at world. Good luck. You have a great program

If I’m not mistaking, all of the non-rookie teams at worlds are eligible for EI in their divisions and is a great place to see who all won culture awards at previous events this year/ are most likely your competition!