Engineering Inspiration

We were wondering if the Engineering Inspiration award qualifies us for nationals?
We also were curious what forms or different things we need to fill out for the award?

The engineering inspiration does indeed qualify you for atlanta, any team can win this award,

it is an award that has no paperwork and such, it is an award based on the judges impression of your team’s work in spreading respect for engineers throughout the community, though it is considerably easier to win if you give a chairmans presentation

The simplest answer here would be

**R.**ead **T.**he **F.**IRST **M.**anual

To save you the time,

Yes, it qualifies you for Atlanta.
No, you don’t need to fill out any paperwork.

helpful hint: check the ‘awards’ section for clarification…

Actually, these two awards are chosen by different processes and different panels of judges.

…well thats cool, thanks:)