Engineering Openings at - Ag Robotics Start-Up is a venture-backed startup based in Davis, CA, and we build robots to address some of farming’s toughest tasks.

Coming from a background in FIRST, tackling challenges in harvest and agricultural robotics is fulfilling and engaging. Getting to build robots with other FIRST alums like @davepowers and @elong makes it even more fun. Take a look at some of what we’ve been developing recently:

We are currently hiring for multiple Software Engineering and Management positions:

Keep an eye on our linkedin and jobs pages for any new postings: jobs at —

If you are interested in the above positions or have applied already, please feel free to reach out to me at mikec [at] advanced (dot) farm




The software field has changed a lot in the past 18 months with a lot of companies embracing remote workers going forward. I’m assuming these are on-site positions.

I watched the strawberry picking video on your homepage. Pretty cool stuff. Are there leading cameras mapping out items to pick and optimizing paths or are the cameras above the picking arms with each arm limited to a picking lane?

Also, this guy might be a great employee…



Just wanted to chime in quick, working at AFT over the last year and a few months has been one of the best experiences of my life. The team is far and away the smartest group of people I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and work along side and I find myself learning and growing as a person every day that I’m here. I go home excited and eager for the next day at work, it’s hard to beat that! Along with Mike, if anyone has any questions regarding my experience at AFT, please feel free to reach out, I’m more than happy to answer anything I can!

Camera’s are at the end of arm and do all pick pathing and optimization for each, “lane”.


If there are ever ME Internships I know I will be applying!


I’ve got a thought about a potential software intern next summer if AFT decides they’re into that idea…

We just announced our latest funding round with support from Yamaha and Kubota. We also announced our new expansion crop, apples!

We just posted a number of new Software Engineering positions across multiple specialties. If you are interested in any of the open positions, lets chat!






We just posted some new openings, including for Mechanical and Embedded Systems Engineers.

You can find all the latest postings here: Job Postings

Please reach out to me if you have any interest, questions, etc.




There’s a few new opportunities is hiring for that would be great for FRC folks:

Robotics Integration Engineer - We’re looking for someone with industrial automation experience
Production Assembly Technician - Like building robots? Do it for a living!

Ping me if anything we’re hiring for sounds interesting to you!




Our team is still growing! We’re deep into building our first batch of apple harvesters, and we’re setting records weekly for the volume of fruit our strawberry harvesters are picking. It’s an exciting time to be a part of as we change the landscape of robotics and agtech!

We have open roles in Software and Mechanical Engineering, all postings can be found here: 3 Jobs in Worldwide (1 new)

I’d love to get some more fantastic FRC folks at Reach out to me if you’re interested in anything we have open, or just want to chat about future opportunities!



Just doing our monthly thread bump, we’re still searching for some talent to come join the AFT team! If you’re interested, please reach out to Mike, Matt, or I and let’s talk!


The talented team, including @davepowers , @BordomBeThyName and others, have been picking apples in Central Washington since the start of August. This represents a key expansion in our platform that is currently deployed in the strawberry market.

We just released this video of our robotic apple harvester operating in the field picking honeycrisp apples.

We’re still growing, check on our careers page for all current openings:




That compressor is running a lot. Careful, you might run out of air pressure before the endgame :slight_smile:

Nope, I am NOT clicking on that. The last time somebody posted a video of the strawberry picker I lost 30 minutes of my day.


I’ve been seeing POSTS in LinkedIn associated with Yamaha. I had no idea there was a FIRST coach behind this. Excellent work on the latest video on LinkedIn. Yes, Yamaha is into farming, they are mostly into autonomous helicopter called the RMax.

Thanks! Yamaha has been a great partner. We have a number of FIRST alumni/mentors on our team, it’s a lot of fun!

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We just posted a Winter/Spring 2023 Mechanical Engineer internship opportunity. This is a great opportunity for seniors in college or later, especially if their school program has a co-op requirement. Please feel free to forward the link below to folks in your network that might be interested in experiencing a cutting edge agtech robotics startup!


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