Engineering slogans

Ok…I just thought this up:

On my team, we have the saying “righty-tighty, lefty-loosy” to teach the kiddies which way to turn the screwdriver. (if only they’d remember:rolleyes: )

Does your team have any funny/useful slogans for remembering technical/engineering things?:smiley:

I know that one, it doesn’t really help me, though; I always have to remember that “right” really means “clockwise”…
Of course we have “KISS” (Keep it simple, stupid) and “MISS” (Make it square, …) and there is Murphy’s Law, that I like to quote, in all its variations…

If it doesn’t fit get a larger hammer.

Seriously though one year the head engineer actually gave out certificates that proved we were all members of the “Cold Forging” club.

If u are making something with a tool that is not quite percise always make things smaller (especially holes)…I always say this to myself when i’m making something…maybe cut a little big so u can sand it down to the exact size, because if u make it to big you cant go back, but if u make it small you have room for error…

I saw some team at the nationals that I thought had a really cool engineering slogan:

"Some people say the galss is half full.

Some people say the glass is half empty.

We say the glass is twice as big as it needs to be."

I love that one…

I’m bored guys, so someone open an interesting post that I can read and post in and so on, pleeeeeeease :wink:

“Where’s my BFH”?

My own personal saying, not related to the team.

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**If it doesn’t fit get a larger hammer.


the hammer is the engineers ultimate tool

For some reason (I’m sure you can guess) my team took to calling hammers “fine adjustment tools”. If you were to talk by our pit at nats you would hear us saying we needed to make a few fine adjustments, and be handed a hammer.

If it doesn’t fit wack it really hard… that cost my team 4 hours waiting for the machine shop :slight_smile: when it’s supposed to be a sliding fit, a hammer is not necessary.

That said, we labled our robot front and back. We spent 90% of our time at nats broken, and 60 - 70% of that time at the top of the white devision. At NYC we left our shielding all over the field our first practice. at nats we left a chain on the field.

“If it aint broken don’t fix it. If it is broken it won’t be alone for long.”

“Warentee Void if broken”

I use that glass saying almost every other day, love it.

“beat to fit…paint to match”

‘Beware of the Killing Machine’ aka the Milling Machine…when a bit breaks off of that…its deadly…

…If it ain’t broken don’t fix it…

My personal favorites…
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
Measure twice, cut once. (I cut it twice and it is still too short!?)
Get the persuader. (Hammer reference)
The right tool for the right job. (Don’t use a cannon to kill a fly!)
All time best Murphy’s Law…Murphy’s fifth law, the law of selective gravitation…
A dropped tool will fall where it will do the most damage.

Team favorites…
We’ll fix it in software.
Have fun.

“Righty-tighty, lefty-loosy” and “the right tool for the right job” were introduced in our team by our mentor in 2000 (great Phil!!), but I guess this last one wasn’t very accepted.

Once in 2000 we were trying to remove a lock nut from a screw, and it was the kind of lock nut with rubber, made not to be easily removed. The kids (me included at that time) tried to do that with about 12 or 13 different tools! A guy even brought a soldering iron (trying to melt the rubber). And then Phil came with a screw driver (!) and did it.

I didn’t know hammers were so popular in other teams as well! There’s nothing that a hammer and some cable ties won’t solve.

hehe for us we arent hamer people, we are vice grip people. but our saying is “thats the C.E. in R.A.C.E.!” basically anytime we need to creatively engineer anything we say that when we are done. basically when we need to ghetto rig things fast


do you mind sharing the meaning of that? :smiley:

*Originally posted by Andrew Rudolph *
**hehe for us we arent hamer people, we are vice grip people. but our saying is “thats the C.E. in R.A.C.E.!” basically anytime we need to creatively engineer anything we say that when we are done. basically when we need to ghetto rig things fast

andrew **

Well our team name is R.A.C.E. Which Stands for Robotics And Creative Engineering. Creative engeering for us is when you kinda fib a fix to somthing, or get the job done with sub par materials. We used to call it engineering problem solving. But now its creative engineering. and that is what is meant by “thats the C.E. in RACE!”


The Mech Techs are a big fan of “Measure once, cut twice.” Our electrocube was supposed to be 4 in x 10 in x 10 in… it’s currently 6 in x 12 in x 12 in and we barely fit everything in. We actually have a “top 10” list of engineering slogans on the back of our team shirts:

If at FIRST you don’t succeed…
…use more velcro
…recharge the batteries
…bolt it down tighter
…blame programming (booo… hisssss)
…two words: more power
…try weight loss by DeWalt
…screw it in the OTHER way
(The last three are not engineering related)

our engineers favorite, though they won’t admit it:

“If it ain’t broke…fix it till it is!!”

Seriously, after about five weeks of them messing, the students wanted to institute a “hands off” policy to keep them from ruining it. Oh well.

Well…another one of ours should be…“Think before you do”. This year, while putting come connectors into the aluminum of the base of our robot, come of the kids realized that a major part of the robot had been put on upsidedown, and backwards.

Really Awesome Creative Engineering?

That’s just a guess