Engineering TV

An interesting site for engineering news. This is a video interview with Segway showing some new hardware including a mecanum platform and a scientific platform…

This is a video of the Galileo wheel, a wheel design that expands into a tractor tread for climbing objects.

It is interesting to note that the mecanum Segway has four, 72 volt 5.4 amp hour battery packs.

Brought to you by Digikey, National Instruments and Analog Devices.

The Segway RMP is super cool!!! :cool:

The video on the Segway RMP is great! Baby Segway is very cute. (I want one, no, I’ll make one … :wink: )

(I can see teams copying these design for their robot or robot cart for the 2009 Season!)


Thanks for the links. The Galileo Mobility company is in Lod, Israel. We will try to get them to be sponsors/mentors of one of the new teams in Israel!

I wish they showed the mecanum platform driving.

If that drives like our mecanum wheeled robots, it’s not going to be the safest segway…

Although I’d like to see what they do.

Do you think the controls are less sensitive?

Engineering TV is fantastic, I remember when they first setup the site a while back,

They have already done a few episodes on FIRST as well,